I Was Injured While Skiing, and I’m Afraid It Will Happen Again. What can I Do?

By Tom Rohrer, PhD

With the first snowfall, across the country, millions of people get excited about their favorite time of the year — skiing season. From the Rocky Mountain West and the Sierras to the gentle slopes of the East, people are planning and looking forward to skiing the slopes.

But did you know that 150,000 skiers are injured each year? Though many of these injuries are minor, most skiers know that even a minor injury can make your next time out on the slopes nerve-racking. Long after you heal physically from an injury, it can still leave an imprint in your mind. Will it happen again? Will the next injury be worse? Injuries can leave lasting self-doubt surrounding your time carving the fresh powder.

Many winter sports lovers discount the impacts a physical injury can have on their mental health. And something that is not talked about enough is the fact that sports injuries extend beyond the physical trauma. And for many people, an injury changes the way they feel about skiing. For others, it keeps them from returning to the slopes at all.

So what can you do if you are experiencing anxiety and fear regarding skiing after an injury? Fortunately, Dr. Tom Rohrer  has helped athletes of all types, including skiers and snowboarders, mentally return to the sports they love after an injury has left them sidelined. Though, he can’t treat your physical injury, he can help your mental-emotional health post-injury and get you back to skiing without fear.

With Brainspotting, you’ll examine the mental blocks, especially the fear of re-injury, that are holding you back from returning to the slopes. The sessions are casual and promote a sense of calm. By discovering your “brainspot” — an area in your field of vision that allows your brain and body to find healing and enhance performance — you’ll discover the mental blocks your injury created and find ways to overcome them.

That is not to say that the process totally eliminates your thoughts about the injury or that you’ll no longer worry about one recurring. But Brainspotting does help you achieve a state of calm that is often referred to as “the zone.” And just how physical therapy rejuvenates your body after an injury, Brainspotting does the same for your unconscious mind.

If you’ve been injured while skiing or during another winter sport activity and want to get back on the slopes without the fear or anxiety, contact Dr. Rohrer today. Whether in person or via video conferencing, Dr. Rohrer teams up with people who love winter sports so they can get the most out of their favorite activities.