Brainspotting – 90 Minute Session


90 minute Brainspotting session with Dr. Tom Rohrer, Ph.D., L.M.F.T.



Brainspotting – 90 Minute Session

Brainspotting is a highly effective, brain-based, and client-centered approach. It is so organic, natural, and simple that it is sometimes referred to as magical. It mimics the way your brain and body normally process and resolve negative experiences. During the actual processing of a specific issue, you don’t have to share what that specific topic or event is or any details. This is the opposite approach of traditional talk therapy that is still used to attempt to process deep issues and traumas.

What can I expect?

With help you will identify and focus on the issue that you want to resolve or the activity that you want to improve or enhance. You will find your “brain spot,” which is a point of focus in the visual field in front of you, and which is connected to the issue that you are processing. Every brainspot is unique to you and your specific issue. You will softly focus on your bsp while you feel your emotions and body sensations. This allows your brain and body to organically process your chosen issue to completion and with the best outcome for you. That outcome could be the:
  • Neutralizing a past traumatic experience
  • Connecting with useful internal resources
  • Expansion of a future performance

How can I book my sessions?

To schedule your next appointment, please contact Dr. Rohrer by phone or text.

Phone:  (925) 595-6433